User experience
The SDK doesn't impose any requirement on the user experience. The WiFi user can be initialized at any time in the background, for example:
  • when a user signs up the first time to the app
  • the first time the app is opened after installing the app update that includes the SDK
  • at the moment the user explicitly make some action for enabling the WiFi service
Once the WiFi user is initialized, the installation of the WiFi profile can be triggered by any user experiences, for example:
  • sending a push notification to the user informing about the new WiFi service
  • with a banner in the home of the app
  • with a link in a menu
Regardless of the user experience that triggers the WiFi profile installation, Cloud4Wi advises creating and showing a dedicated screen that informs the user about the service before calling the method to install the WiFi profile. In fact, installing the WiFi profile will open a pop-up of the OS (different by OS and version) that might be confusing for the user if not previously informed.
Below is an example of a user experience that shows an informative screen before triggering the WiFi profile provisioning.
Note that the WiFi activation process is required only once, so it is not advised to create static banners or menus that remain visible also after the WiFi service activation.

Operative System Alerts

The native OS alert that appears to the user to confirm the WiFi profile installation depends on the OS (iOS or Android), OS version, and, in the case of Android, eventually also on the smartphone vendor.

Android 10

When the Profile is installed by the SDK, Android 10 doesn't prompt any immediate action. When a supported network is in range, Android triggers a silent notification that suggests the user to connect to a WiFi network.
Because the notification may appear with some delay after the profile installation, we advise instructing the user with a dedicated screen explaining the steps required to finalize the enrollment.

Android 11

In Android 11, as soon as the profile is installed, the device prompts an overlay on the current screen that immediately asks the user to accept to connect to suggested networks.
Prompts may vary by smartphone model.


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