How can I check if the app installed the WiFI Profile correctly?

The WiFi SDK provides a method to detect if a WiFi Profile is correctly installed in the device.

To manually check if the profile is installed on your iOS device, you can go to Settings > WiFi and click the "Edit" button on the top right corner. Profiles installed via WiFi SDK will be listed as a known network without a name, usually on top of the list. If you click on the info icon, you'll be able to see the username associated with the profile and find the matching user in your Cloud4Wi account.

Will the device connect automatically to WiFi upon completing the onboarding?

The answer depends on the OS and type of WiFi profile (WPA2 Enterprise or Passpoint).

When you install a WAP2 Enterprise profile in iOS, the device will attempt to connect immediatly to the WiFi network identified by the SSID written in the WiFi profile.

When you install a Passpoint profile in iOS, if you are already connected to a WiFi network, the device won't change the WiFi network it is associated with. If the device is not currently associated to WiFi while installing the profile, the device will take some time to do the match between availalbe network and the WiFi profile just installed and eventually it might automatically connect. The time it takes, however, it is not deterministic and can very from immediatly up to a few minutes.

When you install a WAP2 Enterprise profile in Android, it depends on the Android version. Starting from Android 11, while installing the profile, the device will attempt to connect to WiFi. If the device was connected to another WiFi network while installing the WiFi, it will attempt to switch to the new WiFi if under coverage. In Android 10 and older, once the WiFi profile is installed, the device will prompt a silent notification inviting the user to connect to the WiFi network the first time the network is detected by the device and every time until the user either accept or decline the notification.

Will enabled devices connect automatically to the WiFi upon arrival at a location?

Yes, for both Passpoint and WPA2 Enterprise, the device will attempt to connect automatically to the WiFi network as soon as the device discovers the WIFi network and matches it with the WiFi profile installed in the device.

It might take some time before the device automatically connect after arriving under coverage. The reason of the delay is due to multiple factors:

  1. The device refreshes the list of available network on certain intervals an

  2. The device must match the available WiFi networks against the WiFi profile installed in the phone

There are also dynamics related to the power optimization mechanism of devices that could reduce the frequency of such operations while the phone is in standby mode.

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