Add or update Passpoint Wi-Fi profile

This method triggers the installation of a Passpoint Wi-Fi profile in the device.

     * Add or update HotSpot 2.0 Wi-Fi profile
     * @param username - authorization user name
     * @param password - authorization password
     * @throws Exception - exception thrown if profile cannot be created or updated
    public Future<Boolean> createPasspointProfile(String username, String password,
                                                  Callback<Boolean> onSuccess,
                                                  Callback<MobileSDKException> onError) {
        return asyncExecutor.execute(() -> wiFiProfileService.createPasspointProfile(username, password), onSuccess, onError);

Passpoint is supported in Android 11+.

We suggest to fallback to WPA2 enterprise if the device doens't support Passpoint using the following snippet.

if(cloud4wiSDK.isPasspointSupported()) {
    cloud4wiSDK.createPasspointProfile(username, password)
} else {
    // Android 10- and other devices that don't support Passpoint
    cloud4wiSDK.createWPA2EnterpriseProfile(username, password)

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