Demo app
You can use our Cloud4Wi Demo apps for iOS and Android to test Cloud4Wi before integrating the SDKs, or to test your implementation of Cloud4Wi side-by-side with a complete implementation.
The app implements all the capabilities offered by the WiFi SDK and Location SDK, providing an easy and effective way to:
  • experience the accuracy of geolocation tracking
  • verify the extreme precision and reliability of location-based events
  • experience the automatic WiFi connection on your own WiFi test network

How to get the app

At this time, the app is available only for approved users
Contact our team to request the link to download the app for iOS. Send us your Google account email to be added as a tester of the Android app


To get started, you'll need a Cloud4Wi account.
  1. 1.
    Download the demo app from the link provided by our team upon request.
  2. 2.
    Create API keys. Create a Client Key and Client Secret on your dashboard
  3. 3.
    Setup WiFi network. Prepare the WiFi network, configuring properly the Cloud4Wi account and your WiFi hardware. Follow exactly these instructions to make the demo app work.
  4. 4.
    Once installed, open the app and grant the prompted location and notification permissions
  5. 5.
    Pair the app with your account. Go to WiFi Settings and select "WPA2-Enterprise" as WiFi Profile Type. Then enter the API Client Key and Client Secret you created in the previous steps
  6. 6.
    Create a user. Go to WiFi > New User, and enter your email to set up a new user in Cloud4Wi
  7. 7.
    Accept the OS dialog that asks permission to connect to a WiFi network (see user experience)
If you correctly linked your Cloud4Wi account, and if you have connectivity, you will see your user on the Contacts page in the dashboard.
To track in the background, move more than 100 meters! Note that location updates may be delayed significantly by Android Doze Mode and App Standby, iOS Low Power Mode, or if the device has connectivity issues, low battery, or wi-fi disabled.
The Demo App is pre-cofnigured to connect only to SSID named "".
When you integrate the SDK into your app, you can define your own SSID name.

Using the Mobile App

The mobile app experience has been designed to emulate the scenario where the user must register explicitly to the service. In your mobile app, you can use the SDK methods to run this step in the background without impacting the user experience.
For the demo, you can initialize a new user on the WiFi page, on the New User tab. You'll receive an email with the automatically-generated password as a reminder. In case you want to perform multiple tests and you already have a user account, you can log in with your existing credentials.
At this point, your mobile is enabled and will connect and authenticate automatically to the SSID created above whenever in range.‍
Test details
If there are other WiFi networks in range that are known and your device has already saved their credentials, the device might prefer those networks instead of the new secure network.
For testing purposes only, we suggest removing from your phone all the known WiFi networks.


I get an error when I sign up on the mobile app

When these errors occur, one of the following situations might apply:
  • you haven't configured the API client key and secret of your tenant account inside the Demo App
  • the API credentials you have created do not have the proper scopes. Make sure you've followed the instructions and selected "Public App"

When I click on the SSID I get a connection error

If you click on the SSID and do not get the prompt asking for username and password, it means that you have a valid profile on your device but the authentication fails.
Find the users of your app in the Cloud4Wi dashboard, open the user profile and inspect the troubleshooting tab to see if there are any errors.
One of the following situations might apply:
  • you misconfigured the RADIUS parameters in the HW setup
  • you don't have a valid Internet Plan assigned or it has expired
  • you don't have the right Access Point MAC address added to your Cloud4Wi account

When I click on the SSID I get a dialog asking for credentials

If you get a prompt to enter username and password after clicking on the SSID, it means that your device has not a valid WiFi profile installed for that network.
Make sure you named the test network SSID ""