Update the customer's attributes

     * Update existing customer.
     * @param customer - Customer with all fields that needs to be updated.
     *                 All customer fields except 'lock', 'username' and 'password' can be updated with this method.
     * @param onSuccess - invoked if customer successfully updated
     * @param onError - invoked if exception occurred
     * @return future with Boolean which represents if customer was successfully updated
    public Future<Boolean> updateCustomer(Customer customer, Callback<Boolean> onSuccess, Callback<MobileSDKException> onError) {
        return asyncExecutor.execute(() -> apiService.updateCustomer(customer), onSuccess, onError);

The attributes:

username, password, lock

are not available in customer update.

The function updates the customer created with functions createCustomer, setupCustomer and getCustomerInfo.

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