Typeform integration

Cloud4Wi offers a free and powerful Survey tool to collect interests and feedback from your customers. However, if you need more flexibility, you might need a more professional survey tool such as Typeform. This project provides you a getting started code to embed a Typeform in the access journey of your WiFi service using Cloud4Wi Access Journey SDK.

Click the link below to see the experience (the demo uses a free dyno of Heroku, it might take a bit to wake up):


What you need

  • A Typeform account. Get one free here: https://www.typeform.com/

  • A Cloud4Wi account with access to MyApps

  • A hosting account or a Heroku account

1. Create your form

Create your form on Typeform. You can add hidden fields in the form to gather data about the users that are already been provided in the Splash Page registration form. In this demo you can use the following fields:

  • email

  • phone

  • marketing

  • customer_id

  • gender

Cloud4Wi Access Journey SDK will automatically populate those fields, if available, and you'll find them in your Typeform logs.

Once completes, on the URL of the survey, copy the Form ID. Usually, the link looks like this: https://cloud4wi.typeform.com/to/1111111

The Form ID is the last number "1111111". Copy the Form ID, you'll need it in the next step.

2. Deploy the App

To get started you can clone this GitHub repository and deploy the code on your own server. In that case, remember to initialize the environment variable "TYPEFORM_FORM_ID" with the value of your Form ID.

In the alternative, you can use Heroku and take advantage of the Heroku Button below. Click the button below to install the app in a few clicks.

In the setup screen, enter your Form ID in the variable "TYPEFOMR_FORM_ID"

Once deployed, copy the link of your app. You can find it in the Setting tab.

3. Create a Cloud4Wi App

Login into MyApps using your developer account. Create a new app, using the following settings:

  • App Visibility: Organization and Location level

  • Enable pre-authentication mode: checked

In the app endpoints, set the URL of your deployed app:

Note: remember to set the path of your app home page in the "Access Journey Page" input.

4. Publish your Cloud4Wi App

Log in to your Cloud4Wi Account. Go to Marketplace and click the Add button. Enter the App Id of your app and click Confirm to install the app in your Cloud4Wi

account. As the last step, publish the app in the Access Journey, on the Login Attempt or Sign-Up step, to present it to your customers during the WiFi access.

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