WiFi HW setup
How to setup a full test lab including WiFi and Beacon
In order to test end-to-end the WiFi SDK capabilities, you need to prepare your environment by configuring properly your WiFi HW and your Cloud4Wi account.

Cloud4Wi Dashboard operations

To get started, you need an active Cloud4Wi account. Login your you account at dashboard.cloud4wi.com
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    Create a Location named "HOTSPOT_20" Go on Manage > Locations and create a new Location entering as a name "HOTSPOT_20". In the Location setup, the input Identity Domain should be set to the value "Organization". (Note: if a Location with the same name already exists, do not create a new Location.) Make sure to assign to the location a Default Internet Plan with unlimited allowance to simplify the testing. ‍
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    Add your Access Points to the Account Add your test Access Points to a location (it can be any location as long as its Identity Domain is set to "Organization"). The value to use as MAC Address / NAS-ID depends on the specific WiFi vendor as detailed in the related configuration guide. Make sure the Access Points are not currently configured in any other Location or other Cloud4Wi Accounts.

Network configuration ‍

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    Configure a new SSID The WiFi SDK is pre-configured to use a dedicated SSID name on the WiFi network, configured with the specific settings. Note that you need to add an additional dedicated SSID on top of those that you already have. The SSID name must be "securewifi.io". Depending on the WiFi vendor, you might need to set the same value in different configuration interfaces. ‍
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    Configure the SSID with WPA2-Enterprise authentication The configuration steps vary depending on the WiFi vendor. Here you can find the configuration guide for Cisco Meraki. If you are using other WiFi vendors, please contact our team and we'll send you the related instructions.
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    Configure RADIUS service As part of the WPA2-Enterprise settings, you have to configure the external RADIUS settings using the following parameters: - RADIUS Primary IP Address: - RADIUS Secondary IP Address: - Shared Secret: <will be communicated during account delivery>

HW configuration guides

Some of the user guides may have restricted access. Contact our team for further assistance.
Most of the WiFi HWs support WPA2-Enterprise standard. If you can't find the documentation for your HW vendor, please contact our team for support