Personalize, Integrate, Empower

Cloud4Wi provides you with all the tools you need to create unique business cases, integrate location-based customer data into your business strategies, and empower your mobile app

We have a solution for every need.

Your business is different and requires unique solutions

APIs and webhooks

Feed your location-based customer data into existing third-party systems

My Apps

Create and publish custom context-aware content during the WiFi onboarding or on the dashboard

Mobile SDK

Add a seamless and secure WiFi onboarding, and a deterministic location awareness into your mobile app

What can you do with the Dev Toolkit?

Build personal experiences

Cloud4Wi MyApps is a toolkit that allows you to create personalized and branded access journeys for your customers.

Each one of our clients is unique, has different strategies, goals, and tactics, so we build a tool to create easily any type of experience in a short time and make it personal.

With MyApps you can adapt and deploy your existing services and experience (for example, a loyalty program onboarding, or a train ticket verification) into the WiFi Access Journey. Or, you can develop new ideas from scratch, designed and optimized for the WiFi digital touchpoint.

When a customer connects to WiFi, at the right time, Cloud4Wi redirects the user to your web application including, all the context info that you might need to create a personal experience. The MyApps, also allows you to adapt your application to let the user go online once he has consumed your content.

Using MyApps you can:

  • Create interstitial content applications that can show custom personalized and localized web content to your visitors during the onboarding process to the Guest WiFi (called the Access Journey).
  • Link your custom and personalized content from a menu of the Splash Page (for example the menu of a restaurant)
  • Publish app and pages inside the Cloud4wi Dashboard,  used either to configure a content application (for example updating the menu from the example above) or to publish back-end oriented content (for example,  a custom reporting page).

Here some examples of what our customers have built using MyApps:

  • Hyper localized and personalized advertising page
  • Promote the subscription to your loyalty program
  • Integrate an AdServer
  • Show promotions that are different for each location
  • Verify user credentials or membership before granting him access
  • Create a custom gamified experience to gather customer interests
  • Invite the user to chat with your support team on a bot or chat

Intercept the right moment to engage

Cloud4Wi Moments are the most important build block to create relevant, context-aware communications.

Every time a visitor interacts with your location and spaces, Cloud4Wi can send a webhook to your system to give you the ability to act in real time.

What you can do:

  • Integrate Moments with your own real time Marketing tool (for example Salesforce Marketing Cloud)
  • Feed customer profiles in real time into a CRM
  • Fee customer data and profile in real time to clienteling solutions
  • Notify store associate and managers whenever a customer of interest enters in a store
  • Notify a store associate when a customer dwell is a specific zone for more than specific time

Get started with webhooks here:

Bring data to life

Integrate Cloud4Wi data with your own system of record. Wherever you customer data lives (CRM, CDP, MDM), you can sue Cloud4Wi APIs to keep your customer data in sync.

There are several ways to get the data into your systems:

  1. Manual Export: if you need the data of a specific audience for a one time activity
  2. Periodic automatic Export on SFTP: if you need periodic export to be consumed by systems able to access SFTP servers
  3. API integration: if you need to perform more sophisticated real time or batch data synchronizations

API Integration

By using Cloud4Wi REST APIs, (both V2 and V3), you can access to your customer data programmatically and bring them into your systems.

There two main ways to achieve this:

  1. Periodic synchronization
  2. Real-time synchronization

If you use the data for batch analysis or occasional campaigns (for example newsletter), you might benefit form a periodic data synchronization, which is simpler to achieve and consumes less resources on both Cloud4Wi and your systems

You can use Cloud4Wi REST APIs to pull the new records in a specific periodi, for example the previous day, and iterate periodically (for example every day).

If you application is time sensitive and you new the new or updated records in real time, you can use a combination of webhooks and REST APIs.

You can trigger a webhook whenever a relevant event happens, for example when a customer subscribes for the first time or every time he comes back and logs into the guest WifI service.

Upon receiving this notification, if the data contained int he webhook message is not enough, you can use the record ID to pull additional details using the REST APIs.

Boost your data intelligence

As most of the businesses nowdays, you probably have many data surces of differnt nature (website analytics, mobile apps analytics, e-commerce transactions, POS logs, support logs, etc..). Extracting insights form these data sometimes requires to manipuplate all of them together in a single tool, such as a Business Intelligence platform.

Cloud4Wi allows you to retrieve all the data collected in your Cloud4wi account so you can analyze them in your own BI.

The REST APIs provide both granular raw and log data (for example the customer profiles and their visits and connections) and aggregated analytics metrics.

Data extraction usually happens periodically in batch, as most of the BI activities are not time sensitive.

By merging Cloud4Wi data with you own business data, you can:

  • Create new effective executive dashboard and reports that summarizes most important reuslts
  • Merge revenue data and store traffic data to assess conversion per store
  • Merge customer profile data with website ecommerce data to map most impactful customer journeys across online and offline