Geo Services overview

Cloud4Wi Geo Services empower mobile apps with accurate background location tracking to unlock multiple use cases around customer experience and operations. Cloud4Wi Geo Services (referred with its technical name "GeoUniq" in the documentation) is provided through:

  • Geo SDK is a mobile SDK that must be integrated into mobile apps. The Geo SDK performs always-on location tracking of the mobile device and sends updates to the Cloud4Wi platform.
  • Geo Platform, which is the dedicated geo engine of the of Cloud4Wi platform, and implements sophisticated geolocation tracking and analytics

Thanks to its  always-on location tracking capabilities, the Geo SDK collects and sends location updates to the Cloud4Wi platform that uses these signals to:

  • Profile users with geo-behavioral attributes, based on their visitation history
  • detect real time Moments of the user journey in the real world, including interactions with specific geofences or point of interest as well as detecting user activities (such as commuting, dwelling at home, running etc..)

Projects and Client Apps

The main entity within Cloud4Wi Geo Service is called Project. Projects can be created through the Console

A Project is associated with an API Key, which is used for authentication purpose when performing requests to the Web API.

A Project can be configured with any number of Client Apps, each of which represents a mobile app for which Cloud4Wi Geo Service is desired. A Client App always indicates a specific mobile platform.

Currently, Android and iOS mobile platforms are supported.

A Project can be configured with any combination of Client Apps regardless of the mobile platform of each of them.

Each Client App is associated with a Mobile Key, which is used ONLY on the mobile side. The Mobile Key represents the main parameter that must be passed from the mobile app to the Geo Platform.

Device registration, Device IDs, and Device Base

When Geo SDK is integrated into a mobile app that has been configured as a Client App of the Project, every device on which the mobile app gets installed will be automatically registered by Geo SDK on the Cloud4Wi Platform.

Each device obtains a Device ID, generated by the Cloud4Wi Platform, that can then be obtained by the mobile app.

The set of devices registered for all the Client Apps of a Project constitutes a unique Device Base for the Project, regardless of the Client App they belong to.

Geo SDK performance metrics

The Geo SDK is lightweight and minimize the impact on the the mobile OS performance, both in terms of battery consumption as well as access to location data services.