WiFi App Boilerplate

If you want to create your own, branded version of a demo mobile app, to showcase the experience when using the WiFi SDK, we built a demo app template that you can you can download and personalize.

The codebase already embed the WiFi SDK.

Download it here.

(the zip file is password protected. Contact our team to receive the password)



   - git
   - node
   - npm

   For Android app:
   - Android Studio

   For iOS app:
   - cocoapods
   - Xcode

You need to do following steps in order to customize MobileSDKAppTermplate:

  1. Clone project from GitHab:

git clone https://link-to-repository

   2. Go to project directory:

cd mobilesdk-app-template

   3. Install Node dependencies (may take up to 5 minutes):

npm install

  4. In case you want to build app for iOS you need to install pods (optional):

cd ios 
pod install
cd ../


  1. Edit React Native source code. You can find source files under 'src' directory.
  2. Run your customized application on emulator or on your device:

Run iOS version:

npx react-native run-ios

Run Android version:

npx react-native run-android

NOTE: in order to run iOS version of customized app on real device you need to configure 'development team' in 'Signing & Capabilities'.

IMPORTANT: MobileSDK features as Wi-Fi profile installation is not available on iOS and Android emulators.
While account registration and sign-in can be tested in emulator, Wi-Fi profile installation need to be tested on real device.